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Scented Candles Answered

Hey guys.

I'm paying my way through college and I'm trying to find a way to make a buck. I'm looking into making scented candles and I'm hoping i can get some answers.

1. How much would it cost to make one candle? (medium sized? 6 inches)
2. How much profit can I expect per candle?
3. Is it in demand enough to make a decent profit? I'll be selling small scale like craft shows and family friends.
4. How are fragrances made? I ask because I want to try some unusual scents. I've got ideas along the lines of freshly mowed grass, bacon, and apple pie. There's some far stranger ones but I need to know if this is even possible. How would i go about making these fragrances.
5. Where can I buy supplies cheaply? Obviously a higher margin for profit is better so I'd like to spend very little.

Thanks in advance. Any other tips are helpful.



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10 years ago

Your price depends on what you use... what type of wax, what type of fragrance and wick, how much scent you add, what type of container you use...

and, of course, your profit depends on how much you sell the candles for. That will depend on how you market them, the spending money of your target customer, what they usually pay for similar candles.

Candles are easy to make. You'd better believe there will be lots of competition in, say, craft markets. How will your candles be unique? If people can easily buy the cheap supplies and make the candles themselves, why would they buy them from you? (This is just something to consider when you're deciding how to make your candles and how to market them)

Most fragrances are crafted synthetically, usually from chemicals derived from petroleum distillates. There are sophisticated machines that detect the different chemicals in a scent so that it can be reproduced synthetically. Making your own scents to mimic real scents isn't something for a beginner with a limited budget.

There are lots of fragrance oils on the market for things like mowed grass, bacon, apple pie, and others. A quick google search for bulk candle making supplies should pull up tons and tons of retailers.

You might want to check places like Etsy to see what other people are selling and what their prices are.

Good luck!