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Sceptre tv Answered


I have a fairly new TV < 1 year old.  Upon adjusting the volume on the TV remote the picture began cycling colors as shown above.
Grey, black, white, red, green, blue...over and over
I can still hear the volume, but no picture...just flashing colors.  Also no features on remote are currently working.

Have powered off and re-powered on TV...no help.

Please help-

Thanks much-




3 years ago

Seems like you got your TV into diagnostic mode, almost any electronic device has that, even washing machines. Although, It might also be caused by a static charge in the TV.

Try unpluging the power cable and any other cables that might feed any power/signals into it and then keep the power button pressed for one minute and plug it back and it should work. If it's still not working after that try doing it again but leaving it unplugged for a few hours.

Good luck. :)


3 years ago

That is good to know that you have a new TV, but knowing all the details would certainly help.
Did you try a Google search based on the brand, model and error description?