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Schauberger Repulsine 3D files? Answered

I am trying to design a model of Schauberger's Repulsine in Sketchup, maybe even try to print it once complete.
For this project  collected all sorts of images and dcuments from the web to get at least most components covered, although it is impossible to get it all...
I found the two "wave" disks on Thingiverse, which is already quite a good thing, so everything else will be scaled around these models.

My problems so far:
Top top cone contains a series of pipes shaped like the horn of a Kudu and on top of that following the shape of inverted egg.
There are images to be found on the web but I have a hard time creating this in Sketchup.
It is like two twisted spirals that are on top of each other so both ends are wide, the middle is thin.
Ok, I give up, have a look instead:
If you know where to find a 3D model lke this or how to create these shapes in Skechtup please let me know.


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