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Schematic Building Aplication For My Computer Answered

Okay so making schematics is a pain so I was wondering if there are any applications that you can make a schematic with? For instance I could put in a resistor symbol, capacitor symbol, transformer symbol or a speaker symbol ETC ETC and then put in wire and add numbers to identify components and then print it? Are there any applications like that?


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12 years ago

Another very simple program is CadStd, by Apperson and Daughters. I use it to generate entire print sets for custom houses. I used Autocad for a while, but it is expensive and I didn't use 95% of the features anyway. CadStd is is like a military jeep, and Autocad is like a civilian humvee. The program costs about 25$, and you will initially have to draw the individual symbols you wish to use, but after that, you can cut and paste. Also, the free trial version does lack some CRITICAL features, and is frustrating because of it.