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Science of Baking class project doesn't work Answered

When I go to the last step of the Science of Baking class to post my class project picture, I get one of two things:

1) The "Class project" / "I made it!" box is missing entirely, and the class questions are visible as normal


2) The "Class project" box is visible, but contains only the text "Share a photo of your finished project with the class!" and a "Show more" button, which does nothing when I click it, and meanwhile the class questions are missing entirely. 

I've tried refreshing the page, re-starting the computer (it re-started itself because that's how it rolls, and then I re-started it intentionally to see if it would help), and trying on two other computers, all with the same results. 

The operating systems and browsers I've tried are Windows XP with Chrome, Windows XP with Firefox, and Windows 8 with Chrome.

The class projects in the Knitting class are working fine, and the one for Science of Baking was working fine last time I saw it, which was Wednesday.

EDIT: Added Screenshots from the first computer (XP w/ Chrome). Apparently sometimes the non-working "Class Project" box disappears and the questions appear when the page finishes loading (hence the loading indicator in the screenshot), but not always.

EDIT2: Added link to class project page



2 years ago

Another weird thing: when I go to the lesson page or the main class page (not the page with all the classes, but the one with all the lessons of the class), I can't go back to the page I was on previously by clicking my browser's "back" button. It just flickers a loading thingy for a brief moment and stays on the page. And it makes duplicate entries in my browser history even before I do any refreshing or trying to go back.

(Also, isn't there anybody who can help with the original issue? Is it just me? I've tried on multiple computers, as I said... I really want to post my project photo :-(. )