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Screen Printing Help! Answered

Hey everyone, I did some screen printing in school, but for some reason I don't remember the processes used, and now I want to screenprint again, and I am looking up all these ways to DIY silkscreen at home on the internet and everythings cool, but I got a question, might be stupid, but hey. Every process involves using a transparency sheet to burn you image into the screen (if you are doing photorealistic images, which I plan to...) but where can I get my image on a transparency larger than letter size? For example, I have a screen that can hole an image larger than 24 x 36, that I would like to make, huge, large prints with, but I could hardly fathom a transparency that large, or how much it would cost to have one printed...is there a website for that kind of thing? Thanks a bunch...


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dear sir
dear sir

12 years ago

I have found that with bigger images like that, copy your image to disc and bring it in to the friendly folks at Kinkos. there you can make big transparencies. Sometimes though, you have to print it in halves and tape the two together depending on how big you want it. I also know that making double copies of the transparency, then taping one on top of the other will make the ink on the transparency thicker and burning will be easier.