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Screenprinting on a wall? Answered

Looking at the new QR code stencil suffering from islands of black and white i wondered if you can screenprint on the go. 
or even on a wall...

I think i might be wrong because ppl probably would have done this before,
but please explain why i'm wrong. 
or if i have a great idea



Best Answer 9 years ago

Screen printing is just a form of stencil. You could use a stencil in any orientation. So, yes, it's probably possible. As Rick has noted, if you want multiple colors you run into the problem of (a) aligning them (though a good graphic design can allow for some slop), and (b) needing one layer to dry before you can put up the stencil for the next.

Obviously, if you do this to a wall you don't own and don't have permission for, the law is going to be after you for vandalism. If in doubt, DON'T -- it isn't worth it.


9 years ago

Screen printing could be done on any surface. However it relies on a precise alignment of the screen(s) this might be difficult to do "on the go" generally people print in these case sort of a BIG dot matrix printer often using spray cans or big marker pens.