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Sculpting From Scratch: Class at the San Francisco Art Institute Answered

For over one million years hominids have made and embellished tools. We make everything from fake flowers to 2,000 ft towers. However, in a world of Ikea and fast food, it is easy to forget the potential of our own hands. Sculpting from scratch combines engineering and play to make freestanding objects that entice the senses and provoke thought. Class projects will focus on learning how to use shop tools, repurposing refuse, articulating objects, illustrating intent, and the question of beauty. No prerequisite.

Jesse Hensel is a contemporary artist whose work is informed by the Yup'ik woodcarving tradition. His rugged natural sculptures use an Alaskan frontier perspective to critique contemporary society. Recent San Francisco exhibitions include such venues as the de Young Museum and Mark Wolfe Contemporary. His team was honored with the Artist's Choice Award at the World Ice Art Multi-Block Classic in Fairbanks, Alaska. He received his BA in Liberal Arts at Sarah Lawrence College and his MFA in Sculpture from SFAI.

Sculpting from Scratch
Instructor: Jesse Hensel
10 Sessions/Thursdays, June 4-August 6
Time: 6:30-9:30pm
Location: Studio 105
Number: SC1002
Tuition: $400

Apply: http://www.sfai.edu/Page.aspx?page=110&navID=21&sectionID=5


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