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Sealing wax stamps - for wedding invitation cards and DIY paper products Answered


This wonderful Value Boxset including the below:
One Wooden stamp (H: 9cm) with the letter made in brass (diameter: 2.5cm), the brass part is detachable and with a spoon.
Two White candles.
Three sealing wax sticks including the color of molten gold, silver blade and crimson red.
It all comes with a beautiful box in L:18.8*W14*H3.5cm, total 0.3 kg.

How to use:
1) Cut small piece of sealing wax onto the spoon and melt it by the white candle.
2) Drip the wax drop by drop onto the designed area, don't pour it too fast.
3) Wait for about 30sec so the wax is thick enough.
4) Put the stamp on the wax slowly, and wait 1 min before taking it out.
It will be done beautifully!

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