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Search engine uses OR logic instead of AND Answered


I'm a new member, but I've been browsing the site for some time. I think it contains lots and lots of great instructables, but it is annoyingly difficult to find something specific.

The problem is the logic behind the search engine - why are you settling for an "OR" instead of "AND"?

Here's an example: I want to build a raised dog feeder and I want to find some inspiration on Instructables. But try searching for phrase "dog feeder" and half of the results are bird feeders:
I really don't care about bird feeders (at least not at the moment). There are also dog toys, dog beds, dog apparel... So I need to browse through hundreds of Instructables in order to find 2 or 3 that I might be interested in. If I wanted to find all dog-related content, wouldn't I just search for "dog"?
Adding "wooden" doesn't help - results featuring Lego and plastic containers pop up...

Adding multiple words in search usually means a person want to narrow their search results, instead of widening it...

Thank for taking this under consideration.


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