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Search problem. Answered

I wrote an Instructable on how to use the Verowire technique to make circuit boards.

Rather oddly a search for "Verowire" does not find it. It finds other things which do not have "Verowire" in the title, but not the article that does.

So perhaps I didn't need to bother writing the article, perhaps my search to see if it had already been written wasn't as conclusive as I thought.



Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

The Let's make search here is kind of, uh, hit and miss, sometimes.

Try using a search engine that understands the site: operator, which is most of them. The site: operator is used to restrict the search results to a particular domain name, like for example, just results found at "instructables.com"

More specifically, here is an example of me using DuckDuckGo, to search for,

"verowire andypugh site:instructables.com"


It looks like your 'ible titled, "PCB Prototyping With Verowire",


is the first result, in the list of URLs returned for that search.

I don't know if that proves anything, but you know, it gives you an alternative way to search for stuff.


1 year ago

Instructables search is totally broken. Many of my I'bles don't show up when they are, and some show up where they aren't supposed to show up.

I think rarely anyone uses I'bles search. But as Seamster says you're already ranking on Google for a random search like this: https://www.google.com/search?q=How+to+use+verowir...

I say don't bother looking at I'bles search, your views aren't going to come from there, they'll come from the explore page, Google search over time, and maybe also Pinterest or the Instructables newsletter.

I have no idea what verowire is, but it does get searched in Google ~100 times a month so you could get quite a few views if you're ranking...


1 year ago

The onsite search is often wonky, but searching google I see your Instructable come up within the top 5 or 6. So it's certainly going to be found by those looking for it :)