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Second controller? Answered

Hello, peoples!
I want to install a second xbox 360 controller onto my PC, so that my brother and I can play games together without me having to use the keyboard and mouse and having much rage quit happen. But, the lovely people at Microsoft say that it isn't possible to install more than one controller on a PC, but I know that's bull because I've seen people do it before. 
I already have one installed; I have the driver and everything. But my computer doesn't even look at the second controller like it exists. 
What is wrong, how do I fix it and how can I make gaming easier?
Thank you for your time!!


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6 years ago

Not sure about wired but you absolutely can do it with the wireless versions. You can get a PC receiver for cheap from Amazon or eBay and any wireless XBox controller will connect (up to 4). You can even use the wireless ones and a wired one at the same time. Unless each wired controller identifies itself with a unique name then having to identical controllers would be a problem.

One thing to try on a whim would be plugging the second controller into a USB hub with the first going directly to the mobo.

If you don't want to go wireless you you could try getting a second controller of another brand. I don't know if a third party xbox controller would work or if you would need to get something totally different, like the logitechs or a playstation controller.


Answer 6 years ago

I suppose I could try the wireless route.
I have one wired controller that I bought from Walmart (like, one by Microsoft) and I bought the other at GameStop, which was made by GameStop. Not sure if that's considered "third party" because it says "Officially Licensed" on the back, but it's not made by Microsoft.

I've sort of tried the USB hub thing to no avail. The GS one doesn't even register when I plug it in. The jewel just flashes once for a split second and then doesn't come back on.

I've tried uninstalling then reinstalling the driver a few times, but nothing's come of it!
My friend actually suggested that I get a PS4 controller to use, which I'd be okay with, but it doesn't really seem worth the hassle since I already have 4 Xbox controllers.

Thanks for your help!!