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Secret fold out compartment with shot glass and bottle in a birdhouse??? Answered

Years ago I saw a plan for building a birdhouse which actually housed two shot glasses and a bottle. Now I would like to make the "concealed" station for a friend. I remember that it had a cleaver fold down hinge that held the glasses in place on a board. The peg where the bird might have stood also did something clever. Can you lead me to plans for something like this?



4 years ago

Hooray! I found the answer right here on Instructables.

https://www.instructables.com/id/Building-secret-drinking-nest-box/ This looks awesome.


5 years ago

Take any old bird house plans and size them up a bit to fit the materials inside. Put one slop of the roof on a hinge. Then find/create a latching mechanism to lock the roof in place. You can set it up to use the bird perch to unlock the door with either a push or a twist.

I suggest looking up Geocache projects. Many of them are larger containers with interesting locking mechanisms you may be able to use for your project. See what's out there and get creative.