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Securing a Car Door Answered

I have a car with a mechanical door lock that is broken. Hence I cannot lock the car door (drivers side).

I tried to stick a couple of staples (from hasp and staples) using superglue to the door and body work with the idea of putting a padlock through both. To my surprise the superglue would not stick.

Has anyone any idea how I can secure the door while the lock is broken.




3 years ago

tie it shut from inside. Exit opposite door.


3 years ago

Replace the lock, there is no substitude for it.
If you drive it without a proper lock you also risk hefty fines as the car will deemed unroadworthy and a danger to others.
After all, no "locking mechanism" that you can come up with would be accepted as a door lock by the cops.


Reply 3 years ago

There's a difference between a "lock" and a "latch" - all most countries require is that the door not fly open when in motion.

The author most likely has a door that will latch, but not lock. Bolts and padlocks are fine for the latter - my personal concern is that a purely external mechanism could trap the driver in the vehicle in the event of an accident.


Reply 3 years ago


You are correct. The door shuts and stays shut untill I decide to open it. It will not fly open. It simply will not lock.

Regarding an external lock. A padlock would only be used when I am not driving, so opening and closing the door would not be a problem. Someone mentioned a legal requirement. I doubt if not being able to lock a car door is illegal.

I would prefer to use an adhesive to affix the staple, rather than screws/bolts, but for some reason superglue will not take. I might try a small amount of another substance.

Best wishes


Reply 3 years ago

AFAIK it makes no difference of it is just a lock or the latch that failed.
Still makes using anything but a door lock illegal in 90% of our countries.