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Seeking advice: I'm building fake snow sculptures/figures and want your ideas please!!! Answered

Hi all,

(I had posted this question in a different forum but I think this one is the more appropriate one for such questions - thank you CAITLINSDAD for your response, included below)

I'm making a series of life-sized figures for a show; they are meant to look like they have been carved from packed snow. The designer has purchased mannequins and would like me to sort out a way to make the clothing stay rigid and the final scenic paint coat to look like snow. I'm seeking your thoughts and ideas, here's what I have so far:

1) wrap blanket foam and chicken wire around the arms,legs and torso and then put the clothes on the mannequin, cover the clothes in epoxy resin or fiberglass.
2) same as above but use FGR Hydrocal 50 instead of resins.
3) expandable spray foam the body and then carve back to sculpt the clothes.
4) forget the mannequins and instead carve the whole figure out of foam blocks.
5) for the final texture coat use spray glue and flocking

If you have better ideas, tricks or techniques I would love to hear them please! I'm attaching a reference image I found online - this is pretty much what I'm trying to achieve.

Many thanks,



"I think you would be fine in creating any armature that would be structurally sound since it will be covered over, flocked or painted. Maybe try a drywall compound sprayer to coat the piece. You can experiment with the styrofoam texture "orange peel ceiling look " additives to give it the snowy icy look. Good luck."


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