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Seeking help on Instructables to finnish projects elsewhere !? Answered

You might have noticed lately that the amount of new users seeking help in the forum sections is going up quite good.
I might be wrong, but I thought these sections are to help members - members being defined as people being active here with more than asking questions.
For some of the more detailed ones I did a few searches on the web and noticed projects very closely related to questions here, both in the terms as posting dates.
On some days I already think Google was closed down and this site does it now LOL
For some reason I fail to see the benefit (other than for the thread starter) of solving these newbie problems.
We never see an Instructable coming out of it, never see the user back to post something useful for others....
My personal favourites are kids seeking advise on their love life or those asking for urgent help without providing any details at all.
However, the worst are those that won't even come back to say thanks or mark the question as answered.
And did I mention those creating multiple accounts and still asking asking the same questions they irgnored until then? LOL

Sometimes I refer to a Google search, sometimes I just ignore the topic....
Would be nice to see some membership numbers, like
Users with 10 or more Instructables
Users with 1 or more Instructables
Users active in terms of posting something
Users that have been not active for more than a year


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.

5 years ago

All that stuff is on their profile at the moment - where would you want to see it?

(Also, you need to move this to "feedback".)