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Seeking ideas/thoughts for fountain pen traveling inkwell Answered

I own a certain fountain pen that fills in a special way and is best filled by using the traveling inkwell of the maker of that fountain pen-- by using that traveling inkwell, one can fill the pen with a maximum amount of ink-- filling by dipping the nib end into a bottle of ink doesn't let the max amount of ink to enter the pen. But that traveling inkwell produced by the pen maker is VERY EXPENSIVE. A guy apparently in Australia made his own and I'd like to make one. I have ideas but seek from you more thinking and ideas on this homemade traveling inkwell. [You can see the Australian's clever, simple traveling inkwell here: https://imgur.com/a/fkzTs ]

I thought I'd use a straight-sided plastic pill bottle for the vessel that holds the ink and is the main part of the traveling inkwell. The bottle I'd probably use is ~ 28mm ID. I don't know what to use and don't know where to find the rubbery "plug" into which the section of the fountain pen is pushed before inverting the plastic bottle to fill the pen. [The section of a fountain pen is the part that one holds when writing with the pen. It's also called the grip and is the area immediately behind the nib and feed.]

All I have so far:

- 8.5 cm tall x ~ 28 mm ID straight-sided plastic pill bottle which has near-the-top internal threads for the cap that can also be screwed onto external threads. [I'd use the internal threads for the cap.]

Requirements which have come to mind-- tell me if these are sound or should be re-considered:

- Whatever rubbery one-hole plug is used, it has to yield a bit to the fountain pen section (which is 11 mm OD) when the section is pushed into the one-hole plug-- the plug hole I suppose should be ~ 9.5 mm to 10 mm. The rubbery material around the hole has to grip the section so ink leakage doesn't happen during filling.

- The one-hole plug should not move downward into the ink when the fountain pen section is pushed into the one-hole plug. Maybe the plug would have to be glued in place so it doesn't move? What glue or bonding substance if that's best?

- The one-hole plug would be set/glued/bonded immediately below the near-the-top internal threads of the pill bottle.

- I suppose the height of the one-hole plug would be ~ 1 cm to 2 cm.

- I suppose a straight-side plug vs. a tapered one would be the ideal (but a straight-sided one would, I suppose, have to be glued/bonded in place so it doesn't slip or move).

- Ink leakage shouldn't occur when the section is pushed into the one-hole plug and the bottle then inverted for filling. If leakage occurs, then ink runs down my hand and arm during filling.

- What kind of not-hard-but-yielding-a-bit "plug" or maybe a stopper is best and where do I find just one?

[Fountain pen inks are mainly water with dyes and maybe some additives in them.]

Thanks for your attention to this posting!



1 year ago

1. NEVER fly with a fountain pen in your pocket - bad personal experience.

2. Why not use a normal ink bottle and just accept filling the pen more often.

3. a walk round the hardware store might help you find something with a fitting suitable. I would try the garden section and the automotive section as likely places.

4. Soft plastic tube of the right diameter might do at a push.


Answer 1 year ago

Thanks Rick Harris for your help.

Yes, I know about fountain pens and taking planes. I've not done that yet and I've read that certain precautions can be taken so that ink doesn't come out of the fountain pen while on a plane.

Yes, I could use the bottle I've been using. Since the nib is so expensive, there's a chance one could damage the nib if it hits the bottom of the glass bottle. That nib damage would be very rare with the home-made traveling inkwell.

I'll go to the hardware store and to the automotive parts store to see what might or could work for me.


Answer 1 year ago

Put a soft pad in the bottom of the ink bottle to prevent nib damage.


Answer 1 year ago

That's another thing I realized I could do. I still haven't yet visited the stores where I might find something useful for the home-made traveling inkwell.

Thanks again Rick Harris!