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Selecting DC motor for "Electric car for handicapped people" Answered

hi friends..
I am working on my final year project "Electric car for handicapped people", all i want you people to tell me that which type of DC motor should i use, so that it could run 500 kg car at a speed of 60 km/h.... and how much volt DC motor should i use...
so friends help me, a little knowledge sharing  will help me allot... i will be waiting for your replies...



4 years ago

I agree YOU should be researching this with manufacturers.

I can tell you that 500kg is really heavy to expect success within a reasonable budget.

60Km/h is very optimistic.

My electric racing car


used a 250 watt continuous rated motor which we over ran at 20 amps - This could propel the car at 25 to 30 Mph - about 50 Km//h for a maximum of 2 hours over flat ground.

There are far too many variables here to be able to be precise - things only you will know or can measure.

Go to a manufacturer in your country and expect to pay several $100's for your motor and as much for a controller.

Look at other electric vehicles specifications and see what size motor they have for their weigh and performance.


4 years ago

You want a compound 68 VDC 30A motor which can be made to regenerate by reversing the field winding when a handicapped person wants to slow down.

this you should really know in your final technical year !?!

Good building.


Answer 4 years ago

yah..that is best idea.... aka regenerating braking.... can u give me this motor's specifications?

it is potentiometer DC motor controller.... all i want to know that which DC motor should i use to complete my mentioned requirements


Answer 4 years ago

Sorry for butting in, but I do that.

I hate to have to clarify what should be obvious, but the answer to your question is a fundamental part of the assignment you were given. You're supposed to go out to distributor and manufacture sites and compare contrast parts for your design, based on your assigned design criteria, yourself. The key embedded phrase being YOU.


Answer 4 years ago

This type of motor ==> 68 VDC times 30 Amps => 2040 Watts is 2.7 HP

Maybe you want a PM (permanent magnet field) motor instead.

The Tesla electric motor company is making its own electric motor a regular induction machine

(you should wonder why they don't make PM motor).

You don't just pick up an electric machine suitable for an e-car these days.

You need to find a suitable machine in your area and work around it.

Are you going to an engineer, technician or designer ??

Any motor you find will need a power control system except this 1 HP below.