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Self Playing Guitar/bass/BAND Answered


I am thinking of doing one for a guitar, and after i have success with the guitar then one for a bass. and so on until i have a band.

i would just need a guitar(which i have) and 144 push servos for the frets on the guitar(likely pneumatic or magnetic), 7 servos for strumming(1 per string then 1 to strum all the strings) 6 winders to go to the headstock for different tunings, 1 to flip the lead & rythm switch, enough servos for the volume and tone knobs(will vary depending on what guitar i use). I could then hook up the servos to a processor that will scan sheet music(likely a scanner optical) or listen to a program that will activate the servos. This is my new cool project. any advice is appriciated.


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