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September 11, 2001 Answered

September 11, 2001
   What are your thoughts on 9/11?



8 years ago

Wow, I was walking to work in midtown when it happened. Saw smoke from the first impact and didn't understand what was happening. I remember the lobby attendants tuning in a radio trying to get info, one of them told me about the first explosion.

In the first few minutes it was not clear that an airplane had hit the buildings. Business just stopped. On my floor we clustered around a radio that was getting NPR. The second impact happened and NPR was mentioning rumors of terrorism, confusing at the time. It was not clear what was happening.

Explosion, two explosions (not chance?) planes? terrorism? In NYC it was very difficult to get immediate news, the major broadcasting antennas were on top of the trade towers- gone.

It became clearer there were two planes that had hit the two main towers- obviously not an accident. Then the Pentagon was hit. Rumors of attacks on the Sears tower, San Francisco... and Pittsburgh? What was going on? My parents live in Pittsburgh. My brother-in-law was working at the NYSE that morning. It seemed like all hell was breaking lose.

We stayed at work until a little after noon, when information became clearer. I remember all the medical staff in NYC was put on call, my wife included, to help with survivors. There was little to help.

The next day, my eyes started itching. I couldn't wear contact lenses for two weeks. A month before, I bumped into a former colleague that lived in Tribeca, blocks from the WTC. He and his wife just had a baby girl, how is she now? The rescue workers at the WTC site have gotten recognition of possible health problems, but no help. Today, 10 years later, the NY State Senate is still debating a healthcare bill.

In NYC, a profound chill settled in, we mourned- that is the perfect word for it.  NYC was solemn, hurt and we consoled each other.  It seemed like the rest of America did not know how to react. They fumbled, fumed, got scared, got angry. The media 3 months after the attack was acidic and proselytizing.

That administration had this moment, when the whole world was our sympathizer, where tremendous international accords curtailing crime could have been agreed upon, almost carte-blanche. Think of the effect on money laundering, human trafficking, cyber crime... What a missed moment.

The following Valentines day I walked to protest the impending Iraq conflict. Along Park avenue, the government had snipers watching its own people in a peace march. Didn't amount to much.

Sad day that has resulted in too much more sadness.

So, those are some of my memories and thoughts along the way.


Reply 8 years ago

that's very cool you were there. if you dont mind me asking.... what were your emotions like?

DJ Radio

9 years ago

When I first heard about 9/11 the day before it happened in second grade, I was wondering how the teacher knew it was going to happen if the plotters were halfway across the world. My imagination went wild those 2 days.

Then as I grew older I realized it happened 2 years before I heard about it.


9 years ago

Sad ones.