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September Instructables Pro Memberships Giveaway Answered

Hello everyone!

My Summer Braid Bracelet with Beads tutorial I got featured  at the Instructables homepage! I was also granted with 2 Pro Memberships codes. So I have decided to give enyone who loves Instructables community a chance to enjoy the benefits of Instructables Pro Membership.

I`m hosting another Pro Membership giveaway in my blog The Things We Do.
So if anyone of you guys is interested - you are welcome to join.

I`m using a Rafflecopter form to except giveaway entries and choose the winner.

Update: Thank you everyone for taking part in September giveaway.

The 1-Year Pro Membership goes to MIRANDA WARD

Miranda, we will send you the membership code within 2 days per your e-mail

And The 3-month Pro Membership goes to RICHARD HICKS

Congratulations, Richard! Wait to get your membership code per e-mail.

Giveaway page is here

Good Luck!


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Lucy Choe
Lucy Choe

8 years ago

Hey everyone! Giveaway is over. You can see the names of the winners in the topic update! Thanks for those who took part!

Lucy Choe
Lucy Choe

Reply 8 years ago

Hello! I`m hosting the new Pro Membership giveaway!
Description is here: http://thethings-we-do.com/november-instructables-pro-membership-giveaway/