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September Project Contest Winners Answered

The votes are in! Congratulations to the winners of the September Project contest!

September Project Contest First Prize winners
Atomic Zombie's ChopWork Orange chopper bicycle by KoolKat
Cyanotypes - super easy photo prints at home. by ian
Floppy Disk Bag by imanalchemist
Handbound Book by BrianSawyer
A Traditional Jacob's Ladder by erein

Each first prize winner with receive a Digital Spy Camera from Wild Planet Toys.

September Project Contest Second Prize winners
3D DDR Frame for PS2 by impulse94
DIY Home Bicycle Repair Stand by pizz
Fixed Disc Sander from Angle Grinder by divxnz
Hydroponics - at Home and for Beginners and Solutions to Hydroponic Problems (Lack of Root-Plant Support) by trebuchet03
Insulating Laptop Pad by Bats22
pvc kayak by hellokeller
Standing Desk Conversion Platform by 5dots
Ten Green - modular shelving by royshearer
Tyvek FedEx Wallet with Change Pocket by cheewee2000
Willow Twig Furniture by SlimJim

Each second prize winner will receive a Magnetic USB card reader. Some assembly required!

Honorable Mention
Ancient Aeolipile -steam engine, and magnets for good measure... by trebuchet03
Can in Can Grill by nabilahmad
Daisy Duke Toolbox by SlimJim
Disposable camera coilgun by AlfonsVH
DIY: EXTREME Power saving wireless mouse mod by Corbin_Dallas
Easy and tasty stir fry by Supercookie
Folding Game Board by degroof
Freezing summer tomato crop by shecktor
Guacamole by easement
How to build a <strike>heliostat</strike> parabolic reflector by Tool Using Animal
How to Build Up a Bike by joe
How to Build your own 1u Linux Server by jonesygoodstuff
How to make a RAILGUN! by AlexTheGreat
How to remove Logos from your PDA / cell phone with sugar by spankval
Magnetic speed sensor by PeterTheUnGreat
Magnetic Tool Rack by packrathacker
Microdot - wrist watch LED pattern timepiece by rgbphil
Monica's wedding cards by outofthewoods
Openface Bagel Sandwich and Another gooood sandwich by eraaawghhh
Party top-hat made of playing cards by Sergey Chernyshev
Pay-per-Copy Machine Exploit by nak
Power to the Super Rebound by frickelkram
Solid Perfume by rapierwit
trailor project by trusted smiles
Vinyl Pencil Case by splityarn

Each Honorable mention winner will receive an Instructables patch.

It was really tough judging so many awesome projects. I hope everyone had fun building and documenting their projects. I'm sure you'll have fun going through the winners; it's really an incredible list!

Thanks to everyone to who entered and to the people who helped judge the challenge: arwen, canida, dan, fungus amungus, intoon, leahculver, lebowski, and rachel.

Original September contest instructions here, information about the SpyCam here, and information about the Magnetic USB card reader.


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Sergey Chernyshev
Sergey Chernyshev

14 years ago

Hmm. I just learned from this list that I got a Honorable Mention - good to know ;)


Reply 14 years ago

We sent all the winners email. Check your spam filter from October maybe? I'll send you details on how to claim you patch via personal message.

Sergey Chernyshev
Sergey Chernyshev

Reply 14 years ago

Thank you! I got a patch and stickers for my kids!