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Series Parallel 4S2P Li-Ion Battery Pack Answered

Hey guys,

I'm busy making a boombox*, my first version had an old small car battery inside which obviously weighed a tonne!

Looking to make the switch to Li-Ion.
I have already purchased for the battery pack:

8 x Samsung 30Q Li-Ion batteries (3000mAh - 3.7V)
BMS board I found online (CF-4S30A-A)
2 x 4S 18650 Battery Holders.

I'm unsure how to go about setting up the batteries and balance cables etc. Need the 4S2P configuration for the Voltage.

I want to expand this in the future by increasing to maybe 3P or 4P (depending on how much space I'll need in my boombox).

I have watched multiple YouTube videos but sick of watching 15 minutes of somebody soldering. I understand the safety aspects of Li-Ion.

*I know this project could have been done with Raspberry Pi or Arduino but the rest of the guys who will use this would not be familiar with hence why I went with a Car Stereo.

If anybody has any criticism, I welcome it but make it constructive!

(I know I'll get a roasting for the terrible MS Word wiring diagram I made)


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