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Server maintenance, 7-26-2010 20:00:00 PST Answered

We're about to undergo some routine maintenance on one of our production servers, the one that handles our image processing and storage.  I've offloaded everything I can from it, but for a couple of hours, file uploads will be unavailable.  It's also possible that some people will see a few missing images.  I'll turn uploading back on as soon as the maintenance is complete, and I will post here again.

UPDATE: unexpected problems and I have aborted the maintenance procedures.  Will try again next week after some further research.

UPDATE: maintenance is running now, 2010-07-26, 20:00:00 PDT.  Image uploading is OFF.  It will run for an estimated four to six hours (there are a lot of images to go through!) after which I will turn uploading back on and post here again.  Sorry for the inconvenience to those who are trying to post things!

FINAL UPDATE: maintenance is complete, we now return you to your regularly scheduled full site featureset.  Please let me know if you have any trouble uploading files or images from here out.  You can PM me or your favorite site admin, or email service@instructables.com.