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Servo Mod help Answered

Hi Every one thanks for looking at my post.

I have a specific project where I need 8 servos which would need to rotate up to 360 degrees.
Please note I do not need continuous rotation mod, which would make me loose servo angle control.

Given that i ended up with 3 options
1. Buy a winch or sail servo - these are costly about $40 and not sure if they suite my need.

2. Add an additional gear with 1:2 or 2:1 ratio (not sure about the terminology) of the main servo gear ( attached to pot);
Servo rotates about 230 degrees now, so limiting it to 180 degrees from code and with the additional gear and modification I can get a 360 rotation on the added gear and use that as my main servo drive.

3. Replace current potentiometer with a multi-turn one ( available for around $2) with similar resistance value, this along with the potentiometer gear stop peg removal would give more than 360 degree rotation. Servo control would not be effected as resistance value is same and angle must be limited from code to keep the potentiometer from going to the end limits.

I am just preparing and calculating the current gear values to decide on the specs needs for the gear mod. I need to measure servo pot values to find a suitable multi-turn pot.

I would really appreciate if any one could comment on my approach and any alternatives.
I wish some one had tried these before and could share their experience.



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6 years ago

Don't mod a servo. Get a 360 degree continues rotation servo. Yes if you mod an existing servo you loose angle control. But servos manufactured for 360 degrees still have angle control. Don't know why you could only find a $40 option when 360 degree servos shouldn't cost you more than $20.



Reply 6 years ago

Are you sure, we can control angle on a continuous rotation servo. I just got one and it does not have any angle control. Can some one who has done this let me know how to get angle control.