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Servo help Answered

Do I need a motor shield for my arduino to use servos? Also where can i find REALLY cheap servos?



9 years ago

never say Cheap say Inexpensive and here http://www.alltronics.com/cgi-bin/category/55


10 years ago

No, you shouldn't need a motor shield; however, you should probably drive the power pins of your servo form somewhere other than that arduino power supply.
(Servos have three pins. Power, which should be connected to the plus side of a servo power supply (say, an RC battery pack.) Signal, which can be connected directly to an Arduino digital output signal. And GND, which should be connected to both GND on the Arduino and the minus side of the servo supply.)

Cheap servos can be smuggled in from china using sites like Hobbycity.com; VERY cheap ($3) servos, of somewhat uneven reputations WRT quality (check the RC forums for details; generally complaints about poor centering, uneven operation from one servo to the next, etc. At $3 each, I can put up with a lot of variation I think, especially if it's not going into a $$$ lovingly hand-built airplane...)