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Set up a Kodak 4200 projector to digitize slides Answered

I've just posted an ible for quick, dirty, and cheap slide digitizing.  It's fine for iffy slides from a 110 camera.  But there is a box of perhaps several thousand slides made by serious photographers in the family.  I would like to digitize them (and would have access to a better camera than my point and shoot digital).  I've seen YouTubes of slide projectors combined with cameras to automate the process.

I just picked up a 4200 Kodak projector (with a stack loader) for another purpose at Goodwill.   Can anyone make an ible for setting it up for digitizing with a Canon Power Shot  S70?


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6 years ago

If you want to digitize them, then get the tools to do so. Taking pictures of them with a consumer grade digital camera isn't going to do the slides any justice. Some all in one printers are able to get good scans of the slides.

Unfortunately there isn't an easy way to get several thousand slide digitized. But the best way to do it with the equipment you have would be to invest about $20 more and get a basic slide viewer. The you can line up the camera with the viewer window and take your shot.



Reply 6 years ago

Thanks, mpilchfamily! I might still have one of those around somewhere. If not, Goodwill is close.

So far with the projector: I replaced the light source assembly with an ott light, put a translucent piece of plastic behind where the slide goes, and gave it a try putting the camera facing into the place where the focusing lens (also removed) goes. The results are not noticeably better than the TP set up. I'm not getting the range of contrast that the slides have...but the stack loader is really NICE to use.