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Setting the intonation on a Les Paul? Answered

How come, when all strings are in tune (using two different tuners to check) and the intonation at fret 12 is right on, strings 1,2,3,4 are fairly sharp when fretted on frets 1,2,3,4 then start to get back in tune?  Sharp enough that the guitar is unplayable.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Guessing here...

-- The nut is a little high, maybe. Or the nut isn't cut quite right...

-- In that vein, some luthiers set intonation at the first fret with a capo, not the nut. That way--the intonation isn't thrown off by any errors in the nut.

-- Familiar with the "buzz feiten" intonation method? Even without delving into it (or having a pro or con opinion), it seems that moving the nut a little closer to the first fret than the "correct" theoretical distance can compensate for steep angle the string must stretch near the nut. You can make (or buy) a nut with a little "overhang."

-- Try LSTune, it's like a stroboscopic tuner for your PC... I think it works better for intonation settings than most

Lemme now how it turns out. I've never been super happy with any setup I've had on my Les Paul...


Answer 8 years ago

You're the second person to suggest that and it was what I was expecting and really wanted confirmation.