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Several Easy Steps to Boost Your Computer's Speed Answered

Some of you may have seen my instructable, Several Easy Steps to Boost Your Computer's Speed, and I have been getting some feedback. But I wanted to post it to forums, see if anyone can come up with some more ideas on how to boost a computer's speed. Let me know if you can think of anything! Feel free to comment here or on the Instructable.





10 years ago

i use linux on pc (pentium 3 and 4) computers. some stuff i make to add performance. i am sure atleast some of it applies to any operating system use apps that match other apps open on the computer - many apps are built on the same base of libraries (like DLLs). when apps share it between them it has to be loaded only once and not for every open app. in linux that means - if you use kde stick with apps built for kde. if gnome stick with gnome apps. apps from one do work in the other but they may make the computer load lots of otherwise unneeded libraries just to run 1 program choose lightweight apps - different apps naturally load the computer differenly when doing th ame task up / downgrade video drivers - sometimes apps try to render complex graphics without appropriate help from the video card. if you upgrade drivers the video card may help in drawing and free the cpu from the task. if you downgrade drivers the software may detect unsupported drivers ad disable the effects - eliminating the load. thats why simetimes a generic VGA driver works faster than dedicated driver


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For apps, would that be like IM systems? I'm sorry, but I'm not very familiar with Linux. For the first 2 ideas, could you give an example on what to do? Thanks for the reply! I am looking into these.


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i dont know how the 1st 2 actually work in windows. i nearly did not use windows for 3.5 years and my last windows was 98 (well except a temporary XP box i had for 2 weeks a while ago) i used miranda or portable pidgin (from portableapps.com) when i needed and did not give a damn to performance (its anyway a lot faster than standard icq and messenger) in linux i use kopete - i like it and it matches the kde desktop i use