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Shading Rug hooking wool with Tide detergent? Answered

Tide detergent:  I took a rug hooking class a number of years ago, and one session was all about dying.  The woman had a special technique for shading the wool using TIDE detergent (and it HAD to be tide).  She would have one color of a wool, and then soak it is tide, and then add more water and soak the next piece of wool to make a lighter shade.  I have lost the actual instructions.  Does anybody know about this?


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8 years ago

It sounds like the Tide was used as a bleaching agent, and caused the wool to lighten, hence the different steps for making gradual lighter shades. Even without specific instructions, you should be able to soak some wool and test the length of time to get the desired result. Just don't agitate the wool or you'll felt it.