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Shadowbox Train Scene Answered

So I used to be really into Model Trains. I'm fascinated by miniature scenes. I've been toying with an idea for some time that I need input on. I want to make a scene inside of a shadowbox. I plan on using the N scale/gauge for this. The basic idea is to take a shadowbox about 12" square or so and top-down-view diorama in it. I'd like to incorporate a stream and maybe a small building or something. I'll sacrifice a few box cars and maybe a Loco for this too. Any ideas or input on what to add? or anything else for that matter?


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13 years ago

There are so many resources on the net for model railroading scenery and such. You can read up on weathering techniques, how to pour an acrylic river, add lights to the cars and buildings, cast scale concrete, build realistic structures, streetsigns...the possibilities are endless. Have fun! They actually have a "Z" scale which is super tiny for really really small displays or layouts.