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Shark Week Party, what to make? Answered

I wanted to go to a shark week party at one of my neighbors' house, but i'm not sure what to bring. I'd like to briing a clever decoration. Maybe figure out were to get shark shaped cookie cutters? THe hostess has three dogs at the moment, so one idea i had was shark shaped cookies that were safe for dogs (i'd have the recipe already) Any more ideas? Last year some one (a balloon twister) made little scuba men to put in the dog cages. like . in a shark cage? 
We're nerdy folk.  :3 Thanks for all ideaz!



7 years ago

Shark game - Make stickers with names of sharks on them

Put sticker on each persons forehead - don't allow them to see what it says.

They have to ask questions that have yes/no answers to guess what sort of shark they are. good ice breaker.

As a variation only 1 shark sticker others are fish


Answer 7 years ago

A very good diver can be made from a short (5cm-ish) length of plastic drinking straw, folded over, and the ends blocked with a piece of modelling clay.

Get the amount right, it will float nicely, and take barely a squeeze on the bottle to make it sink.

They work nicely in 500ml soda bottles, so you can hold / carry them without getting tired.


7 years ago

Take oranges.

When you get there, cut the oranges into quarters and give a quarter to eberybody to eat.

Then, cut a zigzag line along (and through) the length of each quarter's remaining skin.

Turn the skin inside out, insert as if a gum-shield, and you've given everybody their own shark-teeth.