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Shock from soldering gun? Answered

I tried a bit of soldering a few hours ago and as soon as I touched the hot tip with the solder wire,I got a shock!!(huge enough to be detected by a tester).....what shall I do?and could water touching the metal tip be a cause?



6 years ago

Is the iron ungrounded ? Is it one of the transformer types ?


Answer 6 years ago

Depending on your skill level buy a new one and throw the bad one away..


Best Answer 6 years ago

You really shouldn't get any type of shock through it if it is being used correctly. If it's your first go, make sure to follow guidelines and safety. I'm hoping your not soldering something that is still plugged into power or so.

Water shouldn't be an issue either, most irons get a clean on a wet sponge all the time when using them to rid of excess solder.

If you can't seem to find the issue, I would personally throw it away if I cannot repair it myself if I didn't know what I was doing and get any new soldering iron. You dont want a 240V zap or so for no reason.

As for what iron to buy, it depends on what you would use it for and how. I have 5 main soldering irons that I use alternately in jobs:

A large expensive soldering / desoldering station - IC + PCB + SMD
A Large 80W Automotive iron for large uses and cars
A Medium solder / desolder iron, 40W - de-solder mostly, its cheap.
Another 40W standard iron with 3 different tips - pcb + prototype
And lastly I also use a portable butane gas iron - portable

Hope this helps a little


6 years ago

yeah,its grounded and all,there's nothing complicated in it,just three wires connected to a piece of metal!!
It was really cheap too(cuz its my first and needed some practice)
I'm planning to get a new one....I've got pretty good at soldering and which one do you suggest?