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Shocker from grill igniter/lighter? Answered

If i were to take the igniter out of a butane grill lighter and hook it up with wires i would have to put a capacitor in order for it to HOLD a charge correct? Cause i beleive without any extras it will just make a shock when pressed?


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10 years ago

no, because it is a peizoelectric device, the current will flow back into the igniter, making it act like a speaker. You will need a hv diode in series with the capacitor. The 1M resistor isn't needed. However, be careful. The more you press the button, the more the capacitor will be charged. A capacitor can release all of it's energy in an instant, so at a high voltage, one of those can fibrillate your heart.

You will need capacitors and diodes rated at 20,000 volts. Ebay has plenty.