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Shoes with toes? Answered

So, i saw a post on a blog i watch about these shoes with toes.. like toe socks but shoes for running or w/e outdoor sport you do. I looked them up and it looks like someone got some of that liquid rubber stuff from home Depot and coated a set of toe socks with it and called them shoes. Does anybody know if it would be easy to make something like these shoes for under $75?

The link below is the official site for these shoes. I have yet to find any other company that makes anything like it.



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11 years ago

I'd be interested in them, too. People who wear them swear by them. For those that don't know, the idea is that you walk more naturally and in a way that's better for your spine/posture/joints/etc when barefoot. These provide a thin layer of protection for your feet, but offer no support. That being said, you need to mimic that effect before mimicking the product. Leather seems like a good option to attach to the bottom of a sock. If you found a material that could be melted or comes as a liquid (like a rubber), you could make a plaster mold of your feet to pour it into, and then fashion some sort of straps or sock to attach it to.