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I always wanted to open my own candy/bakery place where people can come sit read what have you. I am just a little concerned on how to start it up I have all the paper work just now that I finally scrimped and saved I am finding myself wondering if now is a good time, and if so how do I get the name out there for the general public plus I wanted to start selling on the internet too. any suggestions?



7 years ago

Do you have experience in candy making/baking. The best bet is to get an apprenticeship with a candy maker and Learn the craft. Next study and take the servsafe exam some health inspectors require it and it will teach enough of the food code to plan your space and equipment for food processing. Also last you can buy a foreclosed kitchen. Food service stuff is not cheep and it can last a long time. And good luck most businesses don't bring in a profit for the first 5 years of opening


7 years ago

I've owned a business for the last20 years so I speak from experience.

My suggestion is to find a business similar to what you want to open, get a job there and work for a year. If after the year you still want to open your store then you will be so much more equipped mentally. Right now I assume that you've never run a business of your own and have no experience making/selling candy or baked goods.

If you only remember one thing it is this.  Looking from the outside in, you can only imagine 5% of what's required for a business.  You don't have any idea of all the little details/duties/scud work that goes on behind the scenes in a business.  Especially a small business.  As the owner you are responcible for EVERYTHING.


7 years ago

Business ventures should not be taken lightly. If you plan to do this seriously, you need to do a lot of research and formalize your plans and know exactly what it is you want to do and how you intend to do it. Otherwise I'm afraid you're just setting yourself up for failure.

You mention "paper work" but you haven't elaborated on what kind of paperwork you mean.

If you mean a "business plan" that's by far the most important thing you need to start with. You can find information online in how to write one. In it you'll be answering a lot of questions that are important to consider like "is now a good time", "how will I fund this candy/bakery place", "where will it be located", "who are my customers", "why will people want to visit my business" etc, etc.

Then you need to establish a "business name" and have it registered.

Without a plan, you won't be able to access financing, buy equipment and supplies, rent a storefront, set up utilities or even advertise.

There is probably much more to it then you have considered, but again if you are serious, research should become your primary focus. Getting professional advice from a government or private agency that assists in small businesses couldn't hurt either.

Good Luck.


Answer 7 years ago

Also, I wouldn't considered selling online as there are more things to worry about than you may have thought when selling perishables. Such as, do you intend to make your "candy/bakery" items from home? There are things like health and safety codes, allergies (such as to nuts) that all need to be considered. You don't want to be known for being sued.

You need an e-commerce website to allow for online sales (unless you plan to sit at a telephone taking orders in which case a standard website would work). If you intend to take credit card orders you need a merchant account. Then you need to establish shipping arrangements with a company who can manage your needs. Plus you'll need packaging just to ship your goods.

Before you ever sell anything, you'll have to shell out a considerable amount of money in either a storefront or internet business just to get started, before ever making a sale. And also remember, you are competing with established companies, many of whom have storefronts who are also selling online.


7 years ago

There is an obvious where are you in there somewhere.

I would suggest, recommend, insist you go see a business adviser - In many places these can be found through the local chamber of commerce and - at least in the UK - initially their advice would be free.

If you want this to be a success you need to plane in detail, check your market exists e.g. by selling your products at a market. Survey people (take care opinions are often fickle what they say and what they do may not be the same)

You need stock, you need equipment, Your selling food so you need to meet the local food regulations, you more than likely need to be able to exist for a year with NO INCOME at all whilst you establish your business.

You nee help because you can't work all day, half the night and expect to survive.
You need budgets and a business plan.

Only you can say if it's a good time. Economic growth is slow at present and there isn't a lot of cash around for luxury items. Identify your customer base and try some trial runs see if you can reach them.

It may (just may) be best to start small on the internet which is fairly low cost and risk and then move into premises which are costly and risky. Get a copy of "get into bed with google" to see how best to maximise your web site.