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Short-term vs. Long-term Answered

My tests got me thinking, since I want to go gaming on Garry's Mod so bad, but then my coalition of brainwaves composed of rational thoughts and my conscience told me that I can achieve my short-term goals (gaming) in conjunction with my long-term goals (owning my classmates in the tests then gaming afterwards) if I achieve certain short-term goals (studying) that would require focus, determination, and moral (can't study when you're depressed). The reason why I posted this here in Instructables is because I wanted to know your opinions about short-term and long-term objectives. Like, which is better, short-term or long-term missions? You would get me if you're in my situation, sitting in front of the computer, worrying about the tests, but then you wanna go gaming. Once I get enough data, I can post an I'ble about my conclusion.

Here's what to post:
-your thoughts about short-term vs. long-term
-thoughts that pop up in your mind all of a sudden

What not to post:
-questions not pertaining to the topic at hand
-advertising your instructables
-posts that only flamers and trollers post
-talking about how awesome GMod is (that's the abbreviation gamers gave to it)

I don't care how long your post is, as long as it's in the to-post list, it's good to go.



8 years ago

But seriously...what Craftyv said. Long-term goals are important -- if you don't have them, you're going to be flipping burgers and living in your parents' garage when you're thirty. At the same time, it's hard -- nigh impossible -- to actually work on achieving long-term goals day by day.

So figure out (or ask someone who's been there before!) short and medium term milestones, which are things you have to get to first, before you can reach your real long-term goal. Then you can focus on reaching those milestones.

You can also get a more realistic sense of how much time and effort you need to get to those milestones, and can choose to blow off time doing something else instead, without actually failing.


8 years ago

Good question, even it is tongue-in-cheek. Somebody said "every journey starts with the first step". Why not have both Long and Short term goals. Set your long term goal and split it up into short achievable steps that will eventually get you first to the short and then on to the long. You CAN have both.