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Should I get a metal lathe or a milling machine first Answered

Hi there,
I have done metal work on lathes and milling machines at school and I found it very interesting and good fun. I am interested in doing some metal work of my own as a hobby. I do not want to go into it all guns blazing straight away incase I do not get on with it very well. My question is should I buy a metal lathe or a milling machine to start with, I have a maximum budget of about £400 but I still want quality machines.  It seems to me that I can make a wider range of projects with a milling machine but a lathe allows me to make screw threads and bore holes etc which would be useful. I have seen lathes which have a milling machine attachment on them but I think it would be better to have it as a separate unit. 
I would be very grateful for people opinions on this, but remember that I am a complete beginner with a budget!!!
Ben B.


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8 years ago

Write yourself two lists - one of lathe projects, one of milling projects.

Look at your lists.

Which list draws your interest most?

Buy that machine.