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Should i buy the pack with or without the Arduino duemillanove board? Answered

I just bough an arduino duemillanove, and i noticed i need more parts, because i forgot i spent allmost all of mine... anyways, they have this arduino starter pack that costs 34.50EUR

and it comes with:

they have another one with an arduino board that costs: 49.50EUR - 58.50EUR

and comes with the same as the first one + an arduino board.

my question is, should i buy the one with, or without the arduino board, is it worth having two arduinos? or just the starter pack without the arduino

thank you very much!


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12 years ago

you will for sure find the need of a second board. once you find a real "job" for your board that you want it to do all the time, you basically need a new board to play with. i.e something like home automation.


Answer 12 years ago

yea i guess... but for now i'll just buy the one without the arduino, since my wallot is kind of empty at the moment, and i'm 16 so i cant work :(