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Silent kneading massage Motor? Answered

I am creating a portable neck and shoulder massager and I am looking into a kneading massage. I know massage machines tend to make noises, and I am planning mind to be silent since it is designed to be used in class without being distracting. I was wondering if you have any suggestions on making this product as quiet as possible? Are their any silent massage motors? Feel free to ask me any further questions. 



6 years ago

  • Small motors make very little noise.
  • It is usually the attached cooling fan that are noisy.
  • A fast running unbalanced motor will make noise
An over sized induction motor without fan is quiet but not desirable
as a variable low speed massage motor because it has no appreciable torque at low speed. .
  • A larger then needed low speed Universal brush motor
  • If a reduction worm gearing is used the tooth wheel needs to be a non-metal plastic or delrin quiet gear.
  • The armature needs to be heavily impregnated and balanced.
  • There should be a quiet cooling fan.
  • The electronics speed control should be designed to also be quiet while running at low speed.

Answer 6 years ago

Finally a stepper motor which has No noisy brushes but more expensive
electronic package and has high torque at low speed which is what you want.

Now you need to study the weight trade-off between a larger motor mass
and a simple gear box size with cost.



6 years ago

Lots of massages use electromagnets to vibrate a weight to create the effect. Others use motors to spin a weight that is off center. Both of these methods are noisy. Create one that uses plastic gears to rotate a rubber knob that is off center slowly and quietly.