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Simple Bluetooth remote control Answered

Hi everybody. This is my first post so thanks in advance if anyone answer me.

My question is if somebody had seen some kind of remote control, working via bluetooth, with a couple of buttons, that send  some instructions to an android (Example: play/pause, next random song, etc..). I personally couldn't find any in instructables.

I think of this when i made a long travel in motorcycle and i play music on my cellphone and one of those little speakers in my jacket (at a moderate volume) to entertain myself during the travel. So it would have been very useful to have a simple button attached at the handlebar to skip the song or pause it for some reason.

So it would be great if you had something like this on your archives, or give me a clue for what i need to look for to make it.
Thanks again. Best regards

 PD: btw i don't speak english so i put an effort redacting this



5 years ago

http://www.amazon.com/Satechi-MediaRemote-Bluetooth-Multi-Media-Control/dp/B00824948U or hack a bluetooth keyboard to use those buttons to control your app. Using an arduino/microprocess for its keyboard input functions may be getting too complicated for this. Good luck.


Reply 5 years ago

i'll consider the bluetooth keyboard.

best regards