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Simple CNC Answered

Does anyone have any information about the three programs, Simple CNC, Simple Art and Simple Engrave.

I went to the website, and there is an order page, but the contacts and support buttons are dead.  There is no way to get in contact with them.

Before I checked this I actually ordered Simple Engrave and was told I would receive an invitation to the CNC forum.  But I have not received the invitation and have no way to contact.  And of course, no program since it has to be downloaded from the forum.

Should I just start a grievance with Paypal?



3 years ago

Well they have a contact form for Emails...
You did not say when you paid, considering it can take 5 days to clear and then maybe a few days for someone there to activate you...
If in doubt you can ask Paypal for assistance.

Not sure what you want to do with this program but for sure there are easier ways to generate G-code, even on a freeware base.