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Simple Hand Tool Right? Answered

Hello All,

There is a tool that costs about $500 that hopefully can be made for a whole lot less.  It's a chiropractic actuator (See Image).  If you have never see one of these tools in action before, you squeeze up with your fingers and down with your palm, which will plunge the top part of the tool into the bottom part of the tool (kinda like a toilet paper roll holder type of action when pushing the two ends together).  The top part of the tool goes down about 3/4 of an inch (while the bottom part of the tool stays stationary the whole time) and then somehow sends a hard tap to the end of the mechanism (maybe like an internal mechanism simulating something like a hammer coming down a nail or something).

It's driving me nuts!  How can a tool this simple be so expensive!?  Anyone have any ideas on how to make something like this, maybe there is a tool that can be modified to do this that is out there already, or maybe there is something else that can simulate the action of this tool without breaking skin, bones, etc :)

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance!!!



8 years ago

Sounds just like an auto punch, as Shipto says.....however, a lump of metal can't sue you if you hit it too hard.



8 years ago

Sounds like it is working a bit like a automatic dot punch but with a lot less pressure I would think / hope.
Cant imagine what good it would do though.
Anyway if I have it right then it would be a sprung weight so when applying pressure you would buld up tension in the spring until a catch releases and the spring propels the weight onto a "anvil" shouldn't be too hard to make or even modify a proper dot punch.