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Simple, Illustrator CS3 Question ? Answered


Can anyone help me please with this simple Illustrator CS3  question.

I am OK with Photoshop but am just trying Illustrator which seems a bit tricky by comparison.

I want to take a black and white  jpg image and convert it to a vector image.

From what I have gathered from numerous tutorials, I have to -

Copy my image from PS and paste it into Illustrator: Then select the image.

At this point the tutorials say that a LIvetrace button should appear along the top; it doesn't, but I can access Livetrace by going to

object- Livetrace- options ( this only works when the object is not selected; if its selected everything is greyed out)

Anyhoo, when I do get the dialogue box, the blue button that should say "trace" says "set  default".

I did manage to get this to work with one image but I don't know what was different.

I realise how long winded that explanation was; if you have got this far do you have any advice ?

Thank you.



Best Answer 5 years ago

i have CS5 but most of it should be the same.

I was able to duplicate what you were trying to do. My thoughts is that you dont have the image selected.

Once you paste your image, go to the layers palette, expand the layer your image is on and click on the image near right of the circle, a color square should appear and there should be a color outline around your image. Live trace should appear in the tool bar and live trace will work in the object>live trace.


Answer 5 years ago

Dear Themadhatter,

Thank you so much for looking into this for me.

But unfortunately:

-When I select the object, the trace options grey out ( photo 1).

-When I deselect the object, I can access the trace option dialogue box but the button that should say trace, says set default ( photo 3 and 2).

Kind Regards



Answer 5 years ago

i appreciate you posting screenshots that helps a lot to see what is going on.

the little arrow that looks like this on the layer (>) click on him and make him point down. then make sure that you only have the image selected. it will be something .tiff You cant live trace a path or part of a path and an image.

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 9.09.10 PM.png

Answer 5 years ago

Yes, yes, yes . . . you got it . . . what a star.


Thank you very much for your help.