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Simple On/Off data logging From A/C Appliance Answered

I'm in search of a device (or interested in building one) that simply logs when a simple appliance turns on and off again.  I really only need two data points to be stored on a SD Card that I can retrieve later. On/Off and Date/Time (Accurate to the second).

The idea is that it would draw from the AC power and detect when it's on or off (electrical draw or not).

Couple use cases:

1.  You want to know how often your fridge is running and how long it runs for.
2.  Same for a sump pump.  You want to track how often and how long it runs.

I haven't exhausted every single project on here but it actually seem a lot of projects on here are more than what I'm looking for.  Tweet-a-watt is close but I don't need to know the electrical draw, I just need to know when it's on and off.

Please point me in some directions and I'll do as much of the dirty work as I can.



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