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Simple alarm system Answered

how can I build a simple alarm system for a garage using a 30 watt 12 volt siren, a keyed outside activation switch and an inside motion detector. 110 volt power in garage.

thank you



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2 years ago

Its rare to find any security system that is run with house voltage. It would take running regular house wiring and converting it for any sensor points. There are many complete security systems sold that plug into house voltage and convert it to a safer low voltage system. Most systems that work with house voltage will just plug a voltage converter into the garage receptacle and then use the low voltage for what is offered with the package along with the many accessories offered. If there is some reason to use your siren, there are relays offered by many companies that would run the siren when the system is triggered. Look up security house alarm systems on Amazon, Ebay, or Google and you will find a whole selection on price, added accesories and sensor packages. I would recommend not attempting any rigged systems with 110 volt which you would need permits, proper wiring and a greater safey risk of someone getting shocked or loss of life.