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Simple fishing lures? Answered

Back in the day my grandfather use to make all sorts of artificial lures for us.
From a simple spoon like thingy over spinners all the way to massive 300g killers to catch cod in the sea.
And we always got our fair share of fish with them.

These days everything is fancy, full of glitter and sometimes even with bluetooth and flashing lights.
Are there any websites that show how to make the traditional ones yourself?
I know how to make my own flies and have enough ideas for the rest but there must simpler ways then what comes to my mind..
We even used wooden sticks with some aluminium foil around it and a small piece of lead for added weight to catch trout and redfin...



Answer 5 months ago

Thanks for that!
A little low on the details but very close to what my grandfather did back in his glory days.
And with the total lack of responses you just get the click from me today for it ;)


Reply 5 months ago

Glad to help! Hope you figure it out - I'd love to see an 'Ible about it if you end up documenting your process. Just an idea ;)


Reply 5 months ago

Not sure if an Instructable is the way to go with that.
Only started this because not a single fisherman I spoke over the past few years would even consider making lures.
They all aim for the latest and most fancy ones as seen on TV LOL
Guess I first need to show that homemade can work at least as good as expensive from the shop.