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Simple question, trying to make line in on casette-less boombox, can't find amp outputs Answered

So I have this little radio boombox with no casette deck and I want to hook up my mp3 player to it. I'm trying to find where the amp outputs are so i can solder on a line in cord, anyone have info that would help me? I'll post pictures in the day time tomorrow when I can use the camera. 

Thanks DIY'ers, DIY or die

ps: I was thinking I could just take the spliced line in cord and probe around on the solder bumps until sound starts coming out, would this harm my mp3 player?


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9 years ago

You want the amp inputs. If the radio and amp are on separate boards this will be easy - pictures please.
(Don't be probing around on solder-bumps, it's a very silly idea.)