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Simple wireless on/off switch, possibly using BTE/ANT+ or sth lower tech? Answered

Hi all,

I'd like to get your expert opinions on the following:

I'm trying to build a simple device. In one circuit, a switch closes. This sends a signal wirelessly to a nearby circuit (~1m away), which receives the signal and turns on an LED. When the first circuit breaks, the LED turns off. Sounds simple.

The circuit containing the switch has to be very small/lightweight, and power conservative. I'd like to have more than one of these switches around and by closing either switch the LED would turn on. But these switches must be paired with the LED, so that another separate LED nearby will not be turned on.

This led me to think about using something like Bluetooth Low Energy or ANT+, because the modules are really small and can be powered by a button cell battery for months. I can't use IR because there's no direct line of sight.

Are there any alternatives besides these two options?

If I choose BTE, what do I need apart from the module to get the circuit working? I mean stuff like PC-module connection, battery connection or IC or other stuff like controllers?

Thanks :)


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7 years ago

There are keyfob wireless kits you can get. You get a small key fob remote and a receiver. Wire the receiver through a transistor or relay to turn the power on and off. Plenty of schematics can be found for such a circuit.