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Since We're on The Topic of Dreams... Answered

Well, I've seen quite the lot of dreams being posted, and it just so happened I had one last night:

Starting from when I can remember:

Me and two of my friends got selected to fly into space to investigate mysterious disappearances of items from the Space Station..
So we go through training, and tests, and finally comes the date of liftoff
(I can't recall much though here)
while were are in the space station, I notice something...
this isn't the space station NASA sent us to, Its an exact replica of the parking lot at Macy's in my town...
I look around..
and my one friend (cody) says "Hey man, thats your car isn't it?"
"Wait a sec.. IT IS!"
I walk up to the car, and reach into my pocket...
my keys are chiming off each other as my hand shakes..
I unlock the door, and sit inside..
checking the sun visor, and to my astonishment, there is a picture of my crush (whom I wont mention)
the picture is folded and faded..
I get out of the car, and look around..
I'm back in Cape Canaveral!
in the parking lot of NASA...
as I walk with my two friends in the doors, I am greeted by Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google)
((which I never knew till i searched for it today after my dream))
he says "It'll be great having you with us in our mysterious hunt for the missing items in the Space Station."
My friend (cody) says "Wait a second, I forgot my travelers guitar" (in the trunk of his car)
so we go to get his guitar and as he's pulling it out, I notice something in his car..
"Why do you have a gun in your car cody?"
as I finished saying that, these two men ride up on a moped and demand (in broken English):
"Best not make any sudden movements"
as the two guys talk amongst themselves, I whisper to cody
"Psst, grab your guitar, and get down"
He grabs the guitar, and ducks down as I reach for the gun, which ends up to be a .22-250, and shoot the one guy in the leg, he falls, the other guy pulls from his pants a handgun, he fires three shots, and I fire two, they all miss,
I load my second to last shell, and take aim...
through the chin, into the throat, and out his neck my shot traveled
he lays motionless on the ground as his partner, hobbles on to his moped and rides away..
I gather myself, and get my friend, as we walk by the entrance to the building I see these two gentlemen playing a tune, my friend sits down, and strums along..
they were playing Boom Boom by John Lee Hooker...
which incidentally was the song I awoke too this morning....

prolly the weirdest, most vivid dream I have ever had...

Sorry about the plethora of misspellings, non-capitalization and spotty punctuation.. its late, and I need sleep..


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interesting dream. when you said that the song in your dream was the song you woke up to, was that right before you woke up? i had a dream once and towards the end there was a discussion about something (i can't remember what) and then I woke up and realized that it was my clock radio. also, i believe a dream like this where everything is so realistic and vivid is called an epic dream.


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